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The History of the Unfinished Church

The Unfinished Church, located in St. George's Parish on the island of Bermuda, is a historic landmark that has stood unfinished for nearly 200 years. The church was intended to be a grand, Gothic-style cathedral, but construction was halted in the early 1800s and the building has remained incomplete ever since.

The Unfinished Church was designed by English architect John Smith, who was commissioned to build the cathedral by the British government in 1874. Smith's plans called for a large, Gothic-style building, with a soaring spire and intricate stone carvings.

Construction on the church began in 1874, but it was quickly beset by problems. The site was plagued by poor soil conditions, which made it difficult to lay a solid foundation for the building. In addition, the project was underfunded from the start, and there were frequent disputes over the allocation of funds for the construction.

Despite these challenges, work on the church continued for several years. By 1882, the exterior of the building was largely complete, with the walls, spire, and roof all in place. However, the interior of the church remained unfinished, with no floors, windows, or furnishings installed.

In the end, the project was abandoned and the Unfinished Church was left in its current, incomplete state. It has stood as a reminder of the challenges and struggles of the island's early history, and is now a popular tourist attraction and most popular wedding venues in Bermuda.

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