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Benefits of Having an Intimate Wedding

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Big weddings can be expensive and feel impersonal. It’s the reason why couples choose to go for an intimate wedding, which is often less costly. An intimate wedding is one with less than 50 guests, and in this era of the pandemic has been the go-to for many couples. Whether you are choosing to have an intimate wedding because of the pandemic or looking to reduce your wedding spending, here are some great benefits that come with having an intimate wedding.

You’ll Spend Less

One of the things that can quickly ramp up the price of a wedding is having a big guest list. Most of your wedding spending boils down to per head costs so the fewer your guests, the lesser you’ll have to spend. Having an intimate wedding is an efficient way to save too. If you’re on a tight budget, you won’t spend too much, or you can push the extra savings from your wedding to some other project.

They’re Easier to Plan

Intimate weddings can be effortless to plan. You’ll have way fewer people to consider when making decisions, and you can often get away with not strictly following traditional wedding rules too. This gives you more time to enjoy, as an engaged couple, and your relationship could definitely do without the added stress.

They’re of Higher Quality

When you decide to have an intimate wedding, one of the advantages is that you could have an event of higher quality. You can spend more money on an exceptional wedding menu, great entertainment and lots more. The result is that you and your guests will have a more fun and memorable time.

More Intimacy

An intimate wedding will allow you to spend as much time with your guests as you want. You can personally say your thanks to each person at your wedding and enjoy every moment with them. You can’t do this with big weddings because, with the number of people attending, it would take forever!

You Have More Wedding Venue Choices

Wedding venues that can accommodate a large number of people are often few. They can also be a bit more costly. With a reduced guest list, a lot more venues become open to you. You can choose from options like restaurants, bars, garden venues, etc.

You Can Easily Go DIY With Your Wedding Favors

You'll get even more savings this way. You can quickly complete a DIY project which would be more meaningful and personalized. Imagine trying to do the same for a wedding of over 200+ people (Shudders)!

You Can Spend More on Your Honeymoon

Last but not least, having an intimate wedding means saving more money, which can go towards your dream honeymoon. You can choose a luxury island, a far of destination, or a 5-star hotel with special packages for couples. If you ask me, this is a great way to start your married life together.

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