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What to Do After You Get Engaged

Congrats on your engagement!!! This is such a massive moment in your life, and I am so excited for you. I also know you want to get everything right. We’ve had quite the year, and at the very least, you deserve a happy celebration.

If you want a successful wedding, the best time to start is after you get engaged. Your mind is probably brimming with questions like what next? That’s why I thought I should write this article as a guide. If you’re ready to get started, then so am I. Here are seven essential activities to carry out after you get engaged.


You don’t have to jump right into the planning of your wedding. Yes, you should start as soon as possible, but please celebrate first. You deserve a moment where you can relax and enjoy your new status with your partner. How about a lovely dinner for two? You can also have a date night or a small party for just the two of you.

Announce It

Don’t go running to your social media with the news just yet. It’s usually best to tell those close to you first. These could be your family, best friends, and close relatives. They should know first before the random people on your Twitter and Instagram.

Insure Your Ring

Insuring your engagement ring can save you from a lot of heartaches. We can never accurately predict the future, and if something happens to your ring, you’ll be covered. Make sure that the contract you sign protects you in case of damage, loss, and theft.

Plan an Engagement Party

It does not have to be something extravagant. With the pandemic raging, that wouldn’t be safe anyways. You should, however, make sure that those close to you are in attendance. Keep in mind that if you invite them to the engagement party, they’ll be expecting a wedding invite too.

Organize Your Vision

Write your ideas down when possible. You can also use things like Pinterest boards, magazine articles, and more to collect ideas you like. Since you’re just starting, don’t limit yourself. You can trim down on your list later and select only those you need.

Think About A Date

You’ll soon get tired of people asking when the wedding is. You might as well decide on it now and get it out of the way. Having a date in mind will also help with your wedding planning. If it looks too hard, start by thinking of a season you would like to have your wedding. You can zero in on a date from there.

Research Your Main Vendors

In the wedding industry, they are known as the big three. They are your wedding planner, your wedding photographer (Hopefully me), and your caterer. It would be best if you had a planner to navigate the waters of your planning safely. As your photographer, I will help you preserve the best memories of your wedding. A wedding is not complete without food, and your caterer is who will handle that. After this step, you can get started on planning your wedding in full.

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