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New COVID Checklist for Weddings

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! I am so excited for you here at MAETOG, and if you're looking for a professional photographer, please reach out to me. Planning a wedding during this pandemic could not have been easy for you. You are very brave.

Now that you are almost ready, you're at the point where you need to be sure nothing is left out. That's probably why you need a checklist that factors in the pandemic. You have to ensure that your wedding is safe for you and your guest.

If you're thinking along these lines, then you're in the right place. I've put together the following checklist which can help. Please ensure that you work closely with your venue, vendors, and planner to ensure that you make informed decisions. This way, you can avoid risks and keep everyone safe. Without further ado, here's the checklist. You can combine this with your wedding checklist.

Staying informed

  • Review your contracts and the insurance policies of your venue and vendors.

  • Check government websites for current information and guidance about COVID-19.

  • Review the coronavirus Guidelines for Indoor & Outdoor Events & Gatherings.

  • Communicate with your partner and vendors.

  • Have a backup plan with a few alternative dates.

  • What rituals and practices need to be modified?

  • Make the needed changes to your wedding checklist to accommodate public health measures.

  • Go digital to shop for venues, flowers, and other wedding necessities, and to schedule appointments. You can contact me and book me online.

Guest Handling Plans

  • Masks and plans for physical distancing for the wedding.

  • Live streaming for guests who cannot attend.

  • Make a social circle seating plan (A person cannot belong to more than one social circle, and the safe number limit is 10).


  • Set up a website, social media, and other technology to be used for communication.

  • Inform guests of safety precautions.

  • For a virtual service, give your guests instructions on how to access online.

  • Remind and insist that guests self-screen for symptoms of COVID-19 before they arrive.

  • Remind your guests to bring their own mask or face covering.

  • Have some extra masks.

  • Inform guests to smile, wave, or send virtual hugs/wishes in place of physical hugs, kisses and

  • Handshakes.

Prevention measures

  • Space seats to maintain a two-meter distance for people not in the same social circle.

  • Use floor markers at your receiving line so guests can stand two meters apart.

  • Get hand sanitizers for the entrances and high traffic areas.

  • Ensure your venue posts signs encouraging guests to practice safety measures.

Service and Reception Modification

  • Will you be using an outdoor space?

  • Please inform everyone that close contact or sharing of items between members of different social circles will not be allowed

  • Activities that allow guests to assemble or share items are a firm no (e.g., photo booths).

  • Ensure barrier (e.g., Plexiglass) for entertainers to perform behind is available.

  • Confirm the provision of enough microphones to avoid sharing.

  • Create an online wedding guest book.

  • Hand sanitizers and masks are great wedding favors, so get some.

  • Vendors must keep a two-meter distance from others and wear a mask (Yes, including I, your favorite photographer).

  • You might have to limit alcohol, so your guests won't forget about social distancing after indulging.

Wedding Food

  • Potluck, buffets, and self-serve food stations are a no-no.

  • The sharing of utensils and drinks is also wrong.

  • Family-style meals are also not recommended.

  • Assign guest seats for eating so they can remain seated in the same social circle.

  • No walking around to socialize, please.

  • Mask may be removed when eating but should go back up immediately after.

Guest List

  • Keep an electronic list of your guests and the venue staff in attendance. You can only delete this after 30 days with no incidence.

Don't forget that if you need a wedding photographer in Bermuda, MAETOG can handle it. I enjoy capturing the essence of interactions at weddings. Preserving the best memories is my passion. Contact me and let’s get started making plans.

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