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6 Tips for Your Elopement Wedding in Bermuda

When it comes to elopements, Bermuda is full of many possibilities. This is especially advantageous now that having small weddings are healthier due to the pandemic. If you’re thinking of coming to Bermuda to have your elopement, you’re not alone. It’s a decision that could be better for everyone in the long run.

Elopements don’t necessarily need more than 4 or 5 people. Most times, it’s just the couple, their officiant, and their photographer. You’ll be able to observe social distancing in a condition like this easily. If you’re planning to come to Bermuda for your elopement wedding, here are six tips from me here at MAETOG that you might find useful. So, grab your favorite seat, and let’s talk about elopements.

Tip 1: Choose A Venue

The place where you choose to hold your elopement is essential. You can avoid doing most of the things that you need to do for a traditional wedding during your elopement wedding, but a venue is not one of them. Bermuda has lots of options for you when it comes to elopement wedding venues. Just remember to choose a place that you love because you’ll be seeing it in your wedding photos forever.

Tip 2: Book A Photographer (Hopefully Me)

You may not feel like being too outrageous when it comes to your elopement wedding, but a photographer is one vendor you’ll definitely need. You’ll want to have memories of the day you said “I do” to the love of your life, and they’ll provide you something to share with your loved ones who were not present.

Tip 3: Hire an Officiant

For your marriage to be legal, you’re going to need an officiant. Your officiant can help make your small ceremony that much more special, and they could also help with the licensing of your marriage. They’ll have tips on what paperwork you need to file and how much time you’ll need to wait, so be sure to contact them early enough.

Tip 4: Create an Elopement Timeline

Surprisingly, timing is also of the essence when you have an elopement wedding. Creating a timeline could prove to be very helpful. With it, you’ll be able to maximize your hours and have a Bermuda elopement wedding that is special to you.

Tip 5: Have A Reveal Plan

You’ll eventually have to let your loved ones know that you’ve had your wedding if you don’t tell them from the start. The majority of your family will understand, especially with this pandemic, and wish you well. The pictures from your wedding can come in handy when you’re making your announcement.

Tip 6: You Can Still Celebrate with Family

I’ve known couples to have their elopement and then head back to a small reception with those closest to them. Just because you’re choosing to have an elopement wedding in Bermuda does not mean that you can’t celebrate with your family. You can have a simple backyard barbecue, for instance, or if you’re moving into a new home, use your house warming as an opportunity to brings everyone together and celebrate.

If you need a talented and artistic photographer to cover your elopement wedding in Bermuda, look no further. I would love to capture beautiful and memorable images of the special moments at your wedding. I’d love to hear from you. Contact me today!

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