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What Clients Are Saying:


"Langre of MAETOG has been an absolute gem to work with. Since residing in Bermuda, she has covered all of our major family milestones. Langre's professionalism in front of and behind the camera is what has led us to become returning clients. Langre herself is brilliant, kind, and patient. We love that she knows how to work with rambunctious toddlers like ours. She directs us while allowing us to be ourselves, and overall makes the process fun and memorable. Langre is also undoubtedly quick with the turnaround time of photo delivery. The edits are always beautifully done, which makes her ability to speedily return photos all the more impressive. We easily recommend MAETOG to anyone seeking the true beauty of Bermuda and a photographer who captures moments that will last a lifetime."

Christine Coleman | Founder of Sol Sisters, Inc.

"I've had the pleasure of shooting with Langre twice in Bermuda and in Havana, Cuba. She has an amazing eye and the images are always stunning. She gives excellent direction and goes above and beyond to get the shot. Many of the photographs she's taken of me have been framed and put on a portrait wall in my living room! Out of the 6 photos there, she has taken 4! I'd highly recommend her for all your photography needs, especially in Bermuda. She knows all the best hidden gems and places to get excellent photos that you'll cherish forever."

Monroe Steele | Fashion Blogger + Editor & Chief

"My mom, sister and I were traveling to Bermuda for my mom's 70th birthday, and we hardly have photos of the three of us together as I'm usually behind the camera, so we researched professional photographers on the island and came across Langre'. She's warm, kind and will put even the most timid subject at ease. She also knows the island well so can suggest plenty of fun locations for shoots. What family doesn't want to come back from vacation with their memories made permanent by beautiful photos shot by a pro?"

Kristin Luna | Editor + Writer

"Langre has the best energy-  it's the perfect combination of professional and relaxed, You don't get nervous in front of her camera, she just makes everything that easy. I met Langre my first time on Island, and we've kept in touch since. She's sweet, giggly and fun... but most importantly, she knows how to capture a great photo for your memories. Langre is so talented and passionate about everything she does. I would recommend her to ANYONE."

Johanna Cabildo | International Model


“Working with Langré of MAETOG has been an utterly magical experience! Her professionalism, talent and creativity, passion for the tiniest of details and her overall zest for life and Bermuda are all reflected in her work. I am so incredibly lucky to have had her effortless camera skills at not only my wedding ceremony & reception, but during my previous pre wedding moments, as well as my Save the Date photo shoot. If you are looking for a unique island touch, beautiful backdrops and lightning, and simply an amazing talent, look no further than MAETOG.”

Anastassia Naj | Lifestyle Blogger


Langre is our family’s go to Family photographer. Her presence instantly puts the most anxious amongst us at ease. And while I’m sure each appointment has an allotted time frame, there’s never a sense of rush or urgency. The result? Magical family photographs that truly capture the essence of the interactions between family members. She’s gracious and kind and that alone makes you want to have her around for not just the planned photos but those special moments that need capturing. I’m a repeat repeat REPEAT customer and will always come back. When you see the Desilva Family photos know that they were captured by the Langre and always will be!

Jasmine Desilva | Nutrition Consultant + Fitness Trainer

Langré has become our lifelong photographer. She totally gets our personality, our style and manages to capture us in our true form every. single. time. This review is long overdue, because Langré has been our favorite photographer over the years... from multiple Family Photoshoots (with busy kids), and a dreamy Engagement Shoot. She would’ve been our wedding photographer had she not been in the wedding itself. However, this last photo shoot, she completely outdid herself. Hubby and I wanted to have some photos taken as a keepsake for our first anniversary, and of course, we needed Langré at MAETOG to sprinkle her blessings on it. We contacted Langré, and she was able to accommodate us for a Mini 30 Min. Photoshoot Session before dinner. She met us at our staycation hotel, on time and excited to capture some beautiful photos for us. In just 30 minutes, she snapped away showing us hidden gems around the hotel and making us feel totally comfortable. As an ex-photographer too, she hit the angles and lighting perfectly. The laughs in our photos were real, and at one point, we totally forgot we were in front of the camera. She was so fun! The best part, and I hope she doesn’t mind me sharing this - we received our photos back and they were phenomenal. If you’re looking for someone to capture beautiful memories, she’ll become your favorite photographer. I’m already booking for Christmas. Langré, thanks for always capturing us perfectly! We look forward to our Holiday Photos with MAETOG!

Tricray & Capri Astwood
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