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How Covid Has Changed the Wedding Industry

A couple of months ago, the coronavirus pandemic brought the whole world to a standstill. Schools closed, celebrations were put on hold, and only essential workers were allowed to move around. The wedding industry was not left out. Weddings were put on hold too, and couples had to postpone or cancel their weddings.

Things are not so dire now, and gradually, we’re finding ways to live alongside the pandemic while we await a vaccine. It is also the same in the wedding industry. There have been quite some changes to cope with the pandemic. If there’s one thing the wedding industry is known for, it’s that we can always adapt. I’ve decided to chronicle some of those changes in this article. So here are a few paragraphs on some of the ways that Covid has changed the wedding industry.

Small Weddings Are The New Rage

One of the rules of social distancing is that events of more than 50 people are canceled. To keep to that and observe other social distancing rules more easily, couples turned to small weddings. Micro weddings and elopements have become more popular as couples say their vows with only the people most important to them present.

Online Planning Meetings Have Become the Norm

As the lockdown was enforced, technology proved to be quite the helper. People took their interactions online. We were able to keep in touch with our loved ones, school, and even work using the internet. Couples are now using the same for their weddings. Most of the wedding planning meetings that used to happen physically are now happening virtually. We’re even having the exchange and signing of contracts online too. Wedding venues have found ways to give couples a virtual tour of their location so that they do not have to come in physically.

Couples Now Take Their Wedding Insurance Seriously

If there’s one thing that this pandemic has made evident, it’s that wedding insurance is not to be joked with. Many couples lost out when they had to postpone or outrightly cancel their weddings during the pandemic. As a result, couples are making sure that they insure their wedding against such a loss.

Masks Have Become Part of Wedding Fashion

Masks are one of the ways that we can reduce the spread of the pandemic. When it became apparent that masks could help a bit, bridal stores were amongst the first to go into mass production of cloth masks to balance out the shortage that the world was experiencing. Masks have also become a part of wedding fashion, and we’re seeing couples use some very creative samples that complement their wedding colors.

Live Streaming is Now A Part of Wedding Ceremonies

People have to hold smaller weddings now, and as a result, they’ve had to cut down on the number of guests invited to their wedding. Some even choose to leave their elderly loved ones out of the list for their own safety. One of the ways that the wedding industry has found to reduce the impact of this is by live-streaming weddings. This way, family members who can’t be at your wedding can still participate in your celebration online. Some couples even had completely virtual weddings with all their guests joining in via live stream.

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