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Biram Family


Your portrait session should be a reflection of your family. We believe that these shoots are so important because family photo sessions are a way to document growth, milestones, and memories. 

You are having annual family photos captured that will showcase the advancements you make in life each year. From the time your children are newborns until they have children of their own, these are all memories that you will want to remember, and annual family photos will allow you to do so. We love our repeat annual clients! It makes us feel like a part of the family to capture the characteristics of each individual as we grow and evolve.

You can be proud of creating memories and celebrating milestones together as a family. Smiles and laughter will fill your hearts as you enjoy the company of one another. Take a trip to the aquarium, walk along the Bermuda beaches, dance down the streets of St. Georges… just have fun with one another. It will create photos that are so beautiful and real for lovely memories to look back on.

(For the concerned parents of little ones: Our team is excellent with ages five and younger. We aim to make this a stress-free experience for you and them so that you can have amazing photos for your home.) We've learned #BabyShark by heart and have many little ways to hold their attention.

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